Saturday, 13 February 2010


As a growing dude, I had a view about Valentine’s Day….to me, it was a day to be with your girlfriend in some sort of special way (well, I didn’t even know married people had a business with valentine)

Between you and I – As at that time, I didn’t even know how to ‘toast’ a girl, let alone, have a girlfriend.

Somewhere in the past…. I had a crush on one Temitope (Surname withheld) back in primary school…. I remember when I would always share my seat with her cos I thought she was the finest girl – ever. I would gladly hand her my pen when asked and I was also willing to part with my pocket money if she had asked….it went on and on like that till she left the school in primary five. I was stupidly hurt….. Nobody knew how sad I was after she left…. You can’t believe that I lost interest in school just cos Tope left; I stopped looking forward to school in the morning as usual…it was stupid. But guess what? My dad was a very sharp shooter with the cane and I wasn’t a big fan of his strokes, so I didn’t have a choice but to continue with school.

In JSS 1, there was this girl in my class called Abimbola and yeah, I thought she was the ‘bomb’ but till date, I still can’t explain why I got embarrassed after she handed me a love letter at the close of school. The only phrase I can source off my memory right now is “Your eyes are like sparkling stars; your voice takes me to and fro heaven…”

In my mind, I was like - “Kai! This girl don spoil!” and that surprisingly put me off…I thought she was too blunt…I was shy and those words embarrassed the heck out of me. I avoided her….I couldn’t stand her guts.

As time elapsed, I grew wiser…especially when I met this adult-bad-influence called Ogonna….well, he thought me and my friends T and B how to play the game of love eeerrr let’s say relationship and ‘toasting’ chics….(me and my crazy childhood)

I don’t have space to go pen details right now but really, I met a lot of girls/women along the way and I had numerous assumed valentines…..but….as I write right now…none of those experiences come to mind.

I’m on a different cruise right at the moment…it’s a new year, a new season, a new life…. I can’t pen a remarkable valentine and I don’t regret it…respect to my “Ex’es”

After I met C on that fateful day, every other day became ‘Our Day’….miles beyond Valentine… else can I describe it? She became the redefinition of what I had ever known as ‘Love’. It was not about “This day” (Valentine’s Day)….it was about yesterday….it is about today….I also pray for tomorrow…. as long as life permits….

Sometimes, the whole business appears unreal; differences and stuffs…arguments and silence but somehow, we manage to float above it….the good days surpasses and over-shadows the sad ones….and that’s a good thing if you ask me.

Dear C, I wish I could auto-fit into all your desires but hey, this is just me…I can’t be someone else neither can I be everything you want…but like I always say – I'll try. I am not the best man alive; I gat issues, I forget anniversaries, I don’t pay attention, I don’t know what gift to buy for occasions, I don’t always say “I Love You”, sometimes I'm so much in a hurry and would skip the hug, I sleep off without saying “Good night”, I can be very boring sometimes (I guess), I’m not romantic, I don’t call…(you know the rest na) but please, don’t assume all of this for “No Love For You”….Don’t assume all of this for some sort of ungrateful and wicked plot to make futile the love and affection you’ve shown me through the past year…..we all have our short-comings…(same for you reading this right now).

Dear C, do you remember that picture up there? Sure you do…..That’s the symbol of the first Valentine we shared (last year)….from a distance….funny how things have changed now…..anyway…that’s by the way.

I could have written you a poem but I think poems are flowery and fictitious….word play on this would be vain to my state of mind….

I might not be the type of man that will bring you flowers everyday and paint Love in hues and shades of all sort…. but one thing is for sure – I Love you and that’s the best way I can put it.
My heart flow is pregnant with so much…… this piece feels so incomplete to me but, let me pause and save the rest for another day…….

Valentine is conventional, it only lasts for ‘24 hours’….let’s leave it for the crowd…. I propose we stand out cos I want to love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and as long as life as take me.

Here’s wishing you a Happy J/C’s Day….. it don’t sound very sexy but make we leave am like that!

Sign, J

PS: Now I have learnt that Valentine is not restricted to lovers only...we should show love to everybody around us, including our enemies....God bless you.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Last year, we marked your birthday from a distance….we were far apart, nursing our bond with no precise direction yet we stuck to the computer chatting like we were talking in flesh & blood….this era is one that I think about sometimes and I know we are magic for real.

I don’t do Zodiacs, but I know you’re an Aquarian, and like the book says – you possess strong and attractive personalities…..True, I say….very true.

It’s funny how time fly’s…I remember how I sat amused in front of my computer at the office chatting with you on your last birthday. You asked me if I knew your age and I said “No”….you asked me to guess but I couldn’t give the right answer… know why? Cos I was careless about your age….. I was more concerned about your beautiful heart and the bright light you spark on my face each time I heard your voice.

February 7 has automatically become my second birthday and like other special things or activities in my life, I will always make it remarkable for us.

I believe a few words can pull down a mountain, the same way a lot of words might not even shake a feather…..what am I saying…? - I think a birthday should come with a lot of gifts and loads of goodies and trust me, we’re not about to come short of that….but first – I need you to know that if you don’t get a brand new car today, then know that I gat my eyes on the newer model which will be launched next year…

I pray the Almighty to bless you and sustain you from glory to glory…... people will celebrate you because you have a beautiful heart and your humility is parallel to none,

I am truly inspired to write today but it’s also one of those days when my words supply does not match up to the demands of my heart.

C baby…..this is ‘His Story’ today….and it says.…Happy Birthday and many returns ahead……

Hip! Hip!! Hip!!!........


Monday, 25 January 2010

'His' Story: Happy Anniversary 'C'

I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for their religion

I have shuddered at it. I shudder no more.

I could be martyred for my religion. Love is my religion and I could die for that.

I could die for you.

- John Keats

Everybody was smiling and giggling among each other when I entered the hall and I didn’t have a problem with that….my problem was the fact that all heads and eyes were facing my direction. I gradually looked down, wishing my nut wasn’t popping out in public but at the end of my quick scan, not even my zip was damaged. I looked back to see if the victim was standing behind me but – nada! I quickly found courage to probe and I screamed “How on earth did y’all get high at the same time...why are y’all smiling and I lost or what did I do wrong please?”……………….Riiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!! (Alarm 5:30am)

Wow! It was just a dream.

“I can’t be late for work today” I murmured to myself and still wishing I wasn’t working today as well…. Not cos I'm lazy but seriously, I’ve never been a fan of Mondays let alone resuming on a Monday, after three weeks away from that routine. As usual, I reached for my phone, silenced all alerts and turned on the BIS connection in anticipation of all the messages from Facebook, BBM, Twitter and text messages that would have been stuck in traffic. Another of my morning ritual is saying “Good morning” to ‘Her’ and then to my ‘Twitfam’. Little did I know that one of the many messages that came in this morning was from ‘Her’….and it read - “Happy anniversary and thanks for loving me!” …….attached also was the note you see before this one.

There and then, the drama that ensued in my dream flashed back at me and a smile slashed through my lips……the BBM also hit me again reaffirming that I’m terrible with dates and anniversaries. My grind and hustle for survival had not given me a chance to embrace details of such…. I actually forgot my birthday in one of ‘em years…. I only remembered after I got a text on my phone wishing me a happy birthday….it was that bad but then again, when it’s between “I and I”, I endeavor not to dwell on self regret or pity….that was between “I and I” after all. Thoughts of the BBM followed me all the way to work….and I had replied “….I'll just write…cos this space is limited to my heart flow…I'll just write…cos I’ve been looking forward to it”.

Flash back: That fateful afternoon, as the thought came and said “hol’ a sec’, if this chic is a correct babe, she should be on FB na….or is this not the site for the trendy?”…. As I typed in ‘Her’ full name and punched the enter key, ‘Her’ picture was first on the list…. And there went the friend request that turned out to become one of the most life changing actions I had taken in recent time.

I am not good at painting pictures with words and no amount of space can contain the number of colours that I'll need to express how I feel today. It’s actually beyond the way I feel, it’s about why and what has brought me to this spot of bliss. It’s about 365 days of happiness in the ocean of love, actualization and fulfillment.

It’s about how long nights on the phone and technology became flesh and blood…about how individual wishes and anticipations have become collaborated plans and aspirations. Some have been achieved while others are in the pipeline, like my office management would say to us (the staff). Above all, it’s a ‘We and We’ situation.

Back then, I use to like her “Ringtone” (by Naeto C) but when she got back and hugged me….It became a “Comforter’s Song” (by Asa and Jeremiah Gyang)….today, she’s like a melody in my head and she keeps playing back to back like an iPod stuck on “Replay” (by Iyaz).

Dear reader, I can go on and on but I’ll rather stay on track than lead you off this track.

“Dear ‘C’, I just wanna tell you that I love you….words cannot express the gravity of what I feel for you. It’s been a short ride I'll say, but driving with you has been PRICELESS…..I’m not sorry for the sad days we’ve had so far cos I couldn’t have hurt you in my right senses but I'll just apologize on behalf of ‘Fate’ – who let stuffs happen without seeking our consent. I thank God for Love - an assumed abstraction for many…. but I believe it’s a ‘Life’. I have seen it, I have touched it…..I have been living it for 365 days running…..and I wish to keep living it with you….cos if love was a pair of shoes, you gat to be my right foot and that’s why we can’t be wrong in this sojourn of ours.”

Well, I don’t have a degree in dream interpretation but I think the people in my dream were congratulating me for having the best woman in the world.

I could keep writing but this space is limited to contain my heart flow.

Happy Anniversary ‘C’

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Her Story : Happy Anniversary 'J'

It was the life I chose...there was so much to achieve. Too many plans in the pipeline,a seeming end that will justify the means. Until then,I was willing to wait and pay the price of living in the big city. The city I once called home.

I lived everyday to fulfill the same routine. Those journeys to work...I never looked forward to stepping out that door. The door of my lonely abode. The roads were deserted and the streets were so cold. I walked on it everyday...8 minutes to and from this road. I hated it...sometimes it was so lonely,other days I was scared. Those early mornings were always mean to me, I was constantly greeted by harshness of the inherent reminder that my days were numbered in that place but I must hold on...hold on until Its the right time!

...Then our paths crossed and everything suddenly changed. I remember that day,not to so long ago. Time told a different story and love had a new life took a new course. . I was happy to walk the roads towards the new song I've found. That 8 minutes walk now seemed so pleasant. You walked with me and I smiled all the way through. Your presence overshadowed my fears and even my dreams became reiterated.

I was no longer alone. I fell in love with the mornings cos I knew it brought me closer to the days I'd be in your arms. I loved the nights even more because I was certain your voice will put me to bed and my many fantasies will take me into paradise with you. I had it all and that was the greatest achievement for me. I could no longer let anything stand in the way. It was the right time...Finally!

Your love has made me undaunted and coming back home to you was a blessing.
You became my all and with you, I was fearless. I've never known such companionship,never felt such a force. You complete me J and I'm still so in love with you!You've always held my hand and I want to say 'Thank You'!...Thank You for loving me and Thank you for making the last one year of my life the most meaningful!

Happy Anniversary J!!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Her Story:My Arrival

He walked towards the car with a smile on his face. My eyes stayed glued to him as he said hello to the girls one after the other. I introduced them and tried to walk away from him but he caught up with me before I could get very far. I told him that I refuse to get the last hug and he grabbed me from behind. I knew he was saving the best for last but I needed an excuse to turn around so he wouldn't see that I was really shy. Thankfully,I had my sunglasses on so it wasn't so bad when he got me to turn around. We stayed locked in a warm embrace for about a minute or so. He was happy,I could tell. I made it to his event and finally the wait was over. We were no longer separated by distance,consular issues and even the fear of what the physical had in store. I was back home to my baby and back home for good.

He had to run back to work cos he had a busy evening ahead. I was tired from all the flying and I was hungry,but I was too excited to care. All I could think of was him and what was running through his head. I looked forward to seeing him again at the event but it even felt better when he invited me to come to his hotel room so he could sort out his clothes and we could steal a private moment. We couldn't get our hands off each other. I didn't want that moment to end but his incessant phone calls were constantly in the way and he just had to run. I felt a lot better after he left. That was all the food and sleep I needed. I was happy and even happier that I would see him at the event that was now only a few hours away.

The event was more glamorous than I ever imagined. I had on a blue silk dress with splashes of yellow and grey. It felt really comfortable and I was glad I finally settled for it after the mad search for something decent in several stores. He got his brother to bring me to the back office were he was working. He practically flew up his chair when he saw me and he proudly introduced me as his wife to his colleagues. We had a laugh and I went into the hall with my friends. It was a night of fun but I couldn't help thinking about my baby who was tired from all the work and didn't even have the time to enjoy the event he had worked so hard to plan. Towards the end of the event,he eventually managed to sneak out and freshen up for the after party. We picked him up and finally,i had him to myself. Well,almost to myself. We held hands,we drank,we danced and just enjoyed the rest of the night.

We spent the better part of the next day together but he had to leave cos he had a flight to catch. We planned yet another weekend together and this time it was a more intimate scenario with just the two of us. We ordered drinks and couldn't even wait to get a sip before we reached for each other. It was a night to remember as I just surrendered to his every want and the craving in his eyes. I trembled at his every touch and my body welcomed his thrusts,his warmth,his love...I've never felt so much passion as I have in the last few months of my life and loving J is indeed a beautiful experience that I'm ever so glad to share.We are still at it and trying our very best not to rock the boat. We are still loving and living this wonderful moment. We are still hoping for the very best in our lives and we are still praying for only pleasant moments in this story of our love lives.

Monday, 29 June 2009

His Words - THE ONE

Deep in the forest of my heart I wonder

Beneath the oceans of my imagination I search

Lost in thoughts I ponder

High on the mountains I perch

I ask, I probe, I appeal, I demand, I beg, I request – I search

In need of that unique ONE

With hope I search

With faith I'll own that unique ONE alone

Near - I perceive, close – I sense

Nearer – I can see, closer – I can feel

My search approach far from the forest beneath the oceans of my imaginations

High from the mountain enclosed in the bosom of my heart

That unique ONE

Dear God, my search I hope I’ve found for a ‘Plan B’ is the perception of possible failure

My ONE could be ‘YOU’ but only if ‘YOU’ say – YES.